There ain’t no healthy food over here.

Is that a question or a statement?

If the latter, I would assume the sentiment matters

What is the cause of this situation

Forced migration, poor city planning profits expanding

There ain’t no healthy food over here.

Well, that has been established, so…

My professional experience is a unique blend of random occurrences and strategically placed decisions. As I’m growing older (30y/o) I believe now is the time to find a more stable career choice that can provide me with stability and clarity as I mature in age.

When I graduated from The…

Train Station Sri Lanka

Rain begins to trickle on my face from the trees above me. Without a shield to protect from the elements, I lay naked to nature and its refreshing gifts. I scramble from my hammock to ensure my cell phone and Bluetooth speaker remain dry through the downpour. Huddled in a…

If we’ve learned one thing from the covid-19 pandemic it’s that in order to survive in today’s business climate utilizing technology, more importantly, the internet is a necessity.

As restaurants were shutting down at an alarming rate food delivery platforms experienced a record boom in in-app ordering. Existing restaurants were…

May 2nd, 2021

As you go through you can’t help knowing, you can always get help, but only the way you’re going.

Looking back to the beginning part of this blog I am somewhat amazed at how far I have come along this journey “into the computer” Terms that would…

Hi readers,

Over the past 2 years, my company NeuBite has been ideating and building an autonomous retail solution similar to that of Amazon Go. Recently my development team has finished our mvp which I named R.A.S short for Retail Automated System. Essentially R.A.S allows users the ability to purchase items by…

Azubuike Akunne

A doer of many things constructive.

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